Water Planning and Implementation

This network focused on the activity of planning, developing, distributing and managing the optimum use of water resources (surface & groundwater). Ideally, water resource management takes into account all the competing demands for water and seeks to allocate water on an equitable basis to satisfy all uses and demands.
The priority Occupational Qualification that this network focused on is: Water Resource Management Practitioner.
This is an important qualification for the future as demands for limited resources increase.

Thematic Area: Water planning and implementation

Network Coordinator: Caryn Seago (WRP) Email: Caryns@wrp.co.za

DWS Champion: Mr. L. Mabuda

                               Ms. S. van Jaarsveld

CEP members:

Lerato Bapelalcbapela@gmail.comUniversity of LimpopoAcademicPolokwane
Peter van Niekerkwaterappraisal@gmail.comWater AppraisalPrivate ConsultingWestern Cape
Sanet van JaarsveldVanJaarsveldS@dwa.gov.zaDWSGovernmentPretoria
Niel van WykvanWykN@dws.gov.zaDWSGovernmentPretoria
Isa ThompsonThompsonI@dws.gov.zaDWSGovernmentPretoria
Jenny PashkinPashkinJ@dws.gov.zaDWSGovernmentPretoria
Nelson Oghenekaronelskaro@yahoo.comRohdes UniversityAcademicGrahamstown


Occupational Title: Water Resources Management Practitioner

Occupational Purpose: A Water Resource Management Practitioner develops and maintains water resource management strategies, plans and programmes or interventions in order to maintain a balance between water availability and water demand such that water resources are protected, used, developed, conserved, managed and controlled in the most equitable, sustainable and efficient manner.

Knowledge Specification modules:

Introduction to Water Resources Management

Institutional and legislative characteristics of the water sector

Hydrology, Geohydrology and Climate

Towards integrated and sustainable Water Resource Management

Water Quality aspects in Water Resources Management

Ecological and Environmental aspects in Water Resources Management

Water users, economics and financial aspects

Infrastructure components of water resources systems

Data requirements of Water Resources Management

Decision Support tools and Water Resources Modelling

Management, Presentation and Reporting skills

Disaster management and Lessons learnt


The main focus of learning in this knowledge module is to introduce the learner to the arena within which the Water Resources Management Practitioner (WRMP) operates and to lay the foundation for modules to follow.

The learning will enable learners to demonstrate an understanding of:

  • Sectoral context of the South African water scene.
  • Mandate for water resource management in South Africa.
  • A systems management approach to water resource management.
  • Factors affecting water resources management.

This qualification is made up of a number of compulsory knowledge, and practical skill modules.

The knowledge modules:

  • Introduction to water resources management.
  • Institutional and legislative characteristics of the South African Water Sector.
  • Hydrology, geohydrology and climate.
  • Towards integrated and sustainable water resource management.
  • Water quality aspects in water resources management.
  • Ecological and environmental aspects in water resources management.
  • Water users, water balance, economics and financial aspects.
  • Infrastructure/equipment components of water resources systems.
  • Data requirements of water resources management.
  • Disaster management.

Practical skill modules:

  • Develop water management and water reconciliation strategies and plans.
  • Coordinate implementation and monitor the water resource components of water management strategies.
  • Provide professional advice to a range of recipients relating to water resource related queries, including planning processes.

This qualification also requires the following work experience modules:

  • Water resources availability assessment processes.
  • Water reconciliation processes.
  • Coordination for the implementation of different strategies and plans processes.
  • Water resource intervention planning processes.
  • Water resource planning advisory processes.
  • Water resource evaluation advisory processes.

Community of Expert Practitioners (CEP)

The CEP is led by the Network coordinator Caryn Seago. The organisations that the CEP members belong to are listed below:

  • WRP Consulting
  • Department of Water and Sanitation


Progress Report

Water Planning and Implementation

Water Resource Planning and Implementation

Water Resource Planning and Implementation 2

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Network Coordinator: Caryn Seago (WRP)

Email: Caryns@wrp.co.za

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