Water Infrastructure

The Water Infrastructure network focuses on 2 priority occupations, namely:

  • Water Infrastructure Practitioner.
  • Water Reticulation Officer.

This network developed these 2 qualifications in response to public perceptions on service delivery and aimed to provide:

  • Meaningful contribution to supporting the sustainability of adequate water supply.
  • Necessary to provide the required skills and knowledge to ensure the efficient operation of teams tasked with infrastructure network installation,
    maintenance and repair.
  • Secure the future availability of functional supervisors.

Water Infrastructure Practitioner:
The qualification is for a person already formally qualified with an Engineering degree/B Tech Eng. (Civil) (Water)/N Dip Tech (T5) or equivalent Registration as professional technologist. Purpose of this qualification is to:

  • Enhance operational management of the water network infrastructure services to customers.
  • Ensure maintenance of the water distribution system for efficient and sustainable water delivery to all consumers.
  • Minimise water loss.

The key skills and knowledge components are required in both technical and management facets of the applied occupational qualification.

The rationale for choice of this occupational qualification is as follows:

  • Critical need to increase awareness of water’s value and to achieve efficiency in water use by consumers.
  • Need for knowledgeable and talented leadership to ensure sustainable water infrastructure performance and service delivery levels.
  • The wide scope of the Network Manager’s duties and associated responsibilities justify the development of a well-constructed occupational qualification to facilitate the planning organisation and control of this important function

Water Reticulation Officer:
This qualification is for a person having the range of skills and knowledge at artisan level required for the:

  • Installation of capital infrastructure pipelines.
  • Inspection, testing and maintenance of water distribution networks.
  • Attention and repair to operational emergencies.

The Water Reticulation Officer will be employed by Municipalities and Water Utilities


Occupational Title:         Water Reticulation Officer

OFO Code:                          642605

NQF Level:                          3

Thematic Area:                Water Reticulation Network

Network Coordinator:   Mervyn Jordan (Private Consulting) mervynj7@gmail.com

DWS Champion:               Mr. L. Manus

                                              Ms. V. Govender

CEP Members:

Oelof KuhnCity of Tshwaneoelofk@tshwane.gov.za
Trevor WestmanCity of Tshwanetrevorw@tshwane.gov.za
Etienne HugoJohannesburg Wateretienne.hugo@jwater.co.za
Anita PillayWISAtraining@wisa.org.za
Setsopo Maphuta TsibisoDWSmaphutas@dws.gov.za
Abel ManganyiKhula Nonke Trainingabbey@khulanonke.co.za
Tommy SalemJohannesburg Watertommy.salem@jwater.co.za
Peter CoetzeeSAICEcoetzeepeter@gmail.com
Nick JoubertIOPSAnick@tjekaemd.co.za


Rational Statement:  A Water Reticulation Officer maintains the integrity of the potability of the cold water supply from the reservoir to the household water point.


  • Installs water reticulation infrastructure
  • Operates and maintains the cold water reticulation system
  • Identifies and attends to water leaks
  • Advises on serviceability of the water reticulation network as observed, through the timeous completion and submission of job cards


Important Benchmarks  

  • Knowledge, Practical Skills and Workplace Experience modules completed
  • Assessment Criteria completed 23 November 2016
  • Qualification Verification process initiated 8 February 2017
  • Qualification with QTCO and being processed for approval and Registration by SAQA
  • launches
  • Identify projects, venues and employers to provide workplace exposure.



Water Infrastructure Practioner

Occupational purpose:
The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a water infrastructure manager. A water infrastructure manager manages physical assets throughout its lifecycle to ensure optimal return on investment by planning, developing and controlling over the acquisition, operations and maintenance of water infrastructure assets to minimise their related risks and costs over their entire life-cycle.

Water Reticulation Practitioner

Occupational purpose:
The Water reticulation practitioner (WRP) maintains the integrity of the potability of the water supply from the water reservoir to the household water point. S/he installs and maintains the water reticulation infrastructure, identifies and attends to water leaks, installs water meters, maintains the water system and interfaces with the public.

Occupational tasks:
Install water reticulation infrastructure (NQF Level 3)
Operate and maintain a water reticulation system (NQF Level 4)
Manage a water reticulation team (NQF Level 4)

Community of Expert Practitioners (CEP)

The CEP is led by the Network coordinator Mervyn Jordaan. The organisations that the CEP members belong to are listed below:

  • WRP Consulting
  • Department of Water and Sanitation
  • City of Tshwane
  • Sililumanzi
  • Khula Nonke
  • Sekhukhune District Municipality
  • Johannesburg Water
  • City of Cape Town
  • Witzenberg Local Municipality
  • WISA


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