Building capacity towards a better water future

FETWater Phase III is a knowledge transfer and capacity building programme linking learning resources and training capacity to integrate water resource management expertise in areas where they are needed most.

FETWater Networks

The FET Water program focuses on the six thematic priority (networks) areas namely water infrastructure, water monitoring, water planning and implementation, water regulation & requirements, water use, service & sanitation, Institutional management & goverance.


The International Hydrological Programme (IHP) is one of the six intergovernmental programmes (ISPs) of the United Nations system and the only programme devoted to water research, water resources management, and education and capacity building. Since its inception in 1975, IHP has evolved from an internationally

FETWater Co-Ordinators

Each FETWater network is coordinated by a network coordinator, with the possiblity of rotation of network coordinators to build the necassary capacity. The network coordinator is responsible for the network proposal, the indentification of the experts with the same long-term vision, capacity audit, the development of business and ensure exection of work plans, the mangement of finacial support from FETWater, and regular progress reports to the FETWater Implementing Agent.

In this regard, the networks and network coordinators already indetified are given in the table below reflects the FETWater Network Coordinators and their respective organisations. An important support structure is also introduced to ensure appropriate network support for network sustainabilty is the qualification development facilitation.

FETWater NetworkNetwork CoordinatorOrganisation
Water InfrastructureRonnie Mckenzie
Email: ronniem@wrp.co.za
WRP Consulting
Water Monitoring &
Brian Delcarme
Email: DelcarmeB@hotmail.com
Water Planning
& Implementation
Caryn Seago
Email: Caryns@wrp.co.za
WRP Consulting
Water Regulation
Ashwin Seetal
Email: Ash.seetal@ashconsult.co.za
Water Use, Services
& Sanitation
Anita Pillay
Email: training@wisa.org.za
Institutional Management
& Governance
Thokozani Kanyerere
Email: tkanyerere@uwc.ac.za
Qualification Development
Alvin Lagardien (CPUT)
Email: alvin-ct@hotmail.com

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